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Ready-To-Eat 冷冻即食食品 (RTE)

RM 27.90 RM 35.90
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Pick Any 2 (TWO) from below choices:

Frozen Ready To Eat (RTE)
✦ Vacuum Packed and Keeps Frozen for 6 Months and Above
✦ Defrost in Chiller (+5c) overnight or submerge whole package in running water until fully thawed
✦ Heat up on stove, microwave, or oven.
✦ No artificial colouring or food preservatives

✦在冷却器(+ 5c)中除霜过夜或将整个包装浸入流水中直至完全融化在火炉

1) Tuscan Roasted Whole Chicken Leg 托斯卡纳烤全鸡腿 300g (1 Piece)
2) Soy Sauce Whole Chicken Leg 酱油鸡腿 300g (1 Piece)
3) Oriental Bbq Whole Chicken Leg 东方烧烤全鸡腿 300g (1 Piece)
4) Curry Chicken With Potatoes 土豆咖喱鸡 300g (2 Drums)
5) Ayam Masak Cili Api 辣椒鸡 300g (2 Drums)
6) Ayam Masak Merah 红酱鸡 300g (2 Drums)
7) Marinated Chicken Chop 腌制鸡扒 200g (1 Piece)
8) Marinated Chicken Cubes 腌制鸡肉块 400g (2 Pieces)

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